David Smith

Role: Depute Service Conditions Officer

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Peter O’Neill

Role: Branch Secretary and Depute Service Conditions Officer

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Val Jennings

Role: Convener, Branch Service Conditions Officer and Vice Branch Secretary

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Pat Rowland

Role: Branch Treasurer, Welfare Officer & Labour Link Officer

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Jamie Dockery

Role: Branch Chair & Vice International Officer

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Susan Shannon

Role: Health & Safety Officer (West Dunbartonshire Council) and Depute Service Conditions Officer

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Sean Davenport

Role: Membership Officer & Joint Communications and Campaigns Officer

Branch membership officer

Keeps track of the branch’s membership and works to develop recruitment and organising.

The role includes:

mapping the branch’s membership to identify membership density and steward coverage – and where there are gaps;
making sure the branch and union has accurate membership records;
monitoring the branch’s recruitment and retention rate;
working with the branch committee and regional organising staff to develop and implement the branch’s organisation and development plan;
making recommendations to the branch committee on recruitment activities, targets, resources, budgets, etc.

Branch communications officer

The branch communications officer’s role includes:

explaining UNISON’s policies and providing the information members need to play an active role in their union;
helping the branch’s recruitment and organising;
supporting UNISON’s national and regional campaigns;
creating a positive image for the branch and wider union among members, potential members and the public;
producing news-sheets, bulletins or digital communication for distribution to branch members;
making sure branch communications are in the accessible formats members need;
making sure that centrally and regionally produced publicity, communications and campaign materials are distributed, as appropriate, to stewards, members and non-members;
monitoring and liaising with local media.

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Tom Morrison

Role: Joint Communications and Campaigns Officer

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Samantha Sutherland

Role: Equalities Officer

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Aly McCulloch

Role: Education & Learning Officer

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Role: Environmental Officer

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Peter McCann

Role: Retired Members Officer

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Andy McCallion

Role: Depute Service Conditions Officer

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